After COVID-19


International traveling is still difficult. My goals is to organize some trips after the summer vacations. So I will contact you in the comming weeks. If you want to discuss business, please let me know.To inform you better we update also some developments. When you need some more information please contact me by mail or phone.

Flexbimec: End of life equipment:
The need to use specialized equipment for the dismantling and depollution of end-of-life vehicles is basing on the European directive 2000/53/EC. It regulates that all vehicle manufacturers and importers of new vehicles are obliged, together with all other aff ected economical operators of this sector – to take back the end-of-life vehicles from the market and to make sure that their components are dismantled and depolluted in a way that guarantees a respectful treatment of the environment and that until the end of 2006 the recycling and recovery rate of 85 % of the material weight and until 2015 a rate of 95 % must be achieved.
Download the End of life catalogue: click here

Dust filtration, in particular in the fields: powder coating, food
processing, feed production, chemical industry, blasting treatments
› Mixing, weighting and packaging of solid powdery
› Loading of bulk products, transfer of powders
› Sanding, grinding, cutting and edging on metals that don’t
produce sparks
› Surfaces cleaning
› Dedusting of rubber powder, cast iron, graphite, iron, steel, plastic,
carbon, epoxy powder coating, fiberglass powders
Download the catalogue of GGE: Click here

Flexbimec: Hydraulic Valve Program:
A complete program of hydraulic components for hydraulic systems. Non-return -, Pressure relief -, Pressure reduction -, 4-way flow diverter-, Parachute valves.
Download the Hydraulic catalogue: click here